RF/Spectrum Engineerr


Job Summary:

This position provides support to the Electromagnetic
Environmental Effects (E3) Spectrum Supportability Branch within the Naval
Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) in the area of spectrum
management. The position is for a RF engineer to support the Navy s Next
Generation Spectrum Management effort. The position requires RF Engineering
background in EMI and EMC testing and evaluations, with preferred knowledge in
communication systems (both fixed and mobile), radar systems, link budgets,
coupling analysis, antenna and propagation theories, Spectrum Certifications, and
MATLAB or other analysis tool use skills. Knowledge of and ability to program in C++ and C# is desirable. Familiarity with Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers
and DoD Spectrum Management software is desirable.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

You will conduct
analyses of DoD systems and LTE systems to identify EMI impact, EMC
performance, and exclusion zone,

You will calculate
link budget and coupling analysis to identify operating capabilities and
feasibilities of DoD or other spectrum dependent systems,

You will draft
Spectrum Supportability Certification requests and Note-to-Holders to be
submitted for National Level Coordination and Approval.

As an employee, you
will attend and take notes for various meetings and teleconferences involving
various federal, DoD, commercial, and civilian organizations to discuss EMI and
EMC concerns regarding various types of spectrum dependent systems,

The engineer will
interface with program offices to gather information and conduct tests on US
Navy communication and radar systems,

The engineer will
assist in the review and development of algorithms to model modulation and
demodulation of waveforms for communications, radar, navigational aids, and
radars and to assess the performance of various radio frequency systems to
undesired signals

Monthly travel to DC
(< once a month) to attend meeting and occasionally to locations outside of
the immediate area may occur,

You will work
independently and as part of a group to perform analyses and tests,

The engineer will
track and manage incidental data calls and multi-phased tasks,

The employee may
oversee the work of less experienced engineers, and provide them with direction
and guidance.

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