Opto - Mechanical Control Engineer / Scientist

Job Description: Kratos Defense & Rocket Support Services is currently seeking a Opto-Mechanical Control Engineer/Scientist to plan, direct, coordinate and control research or engineering activities for laser/E-O systems.  Other duties include: o Perform system analytical and performance studies. o Perform develop, design and testing activities for beam control and tracking systems. o Perform image and signal processing o Perform modeling and simulation engineering. o Perform Laser/E-O development, integration, testing and evaluation. o Perform all aspects of laboratory and field testing, including setting test goals, developing test methodologies, organizing and conducting tests, reducing test data and analyzing results. o Produce technical reports on findings, provide system data collection and analysis, and conduct technical documentation reviews. o Report critical finds to military and DoD civilian leadership. o Transition replacement personnel per SOP. Experience and Skills: Successful candidate must have: Experience on U.S. Navy and Joint Laser/Electro-Optical Systems research and development programs is preferred. Demonstrated abilities to interface with the Navy/Marines/Joint to develop and support technical positions, to justify technical recommendations, and to write technical publications. Intimate familiarity with lab processes and work flow. Masters Degree MS in Electrical Engineering or relevant equivalent technical engineering degree, or equivalent professional experience performing in a technically relevant engineering field.  Ten (10) years of experience in the design, development and integration of opto-mechanical systems and controls related to laser systems including control, alignment, and line-of-sight stabilization of laser systems to single-digit micro-radian accuracy. Experience in the following: beam control architectures employing fast steering mirror design and control; ability to calculate and design to aim point requirements, jitter, and system stability in the low and high frequency regimes; and active and passive component alignment. Further experience in one or more of the 3 following areas: Control system development in Matlab Simulink or coding in higher-level languages, and control using real-time systems. Five (5) years of combined experience in (1) the development of laser systems and controls for integration onto land, air, or shipboard applications and (2) vibration mitigation and control. Must be a U.S. Citizen and have active DoD Top Secret clearance. Job Tracking ID:  85347-271581
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
11 - 15 years

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