Aegis Combat Systems Trainer, Aegis Training and Readiness

Job Description Develops; organizes; and conducts training and educational programs for Fleet sailors in support of Aegis Training and Readiness Center in Dahlgren Virginia. Training program requires ability to conduct traditional classroom instruction and support maintenance training to the officer level; as well as training on the operational employment of Aegis Combat System. 1. Provides dynamic teaching & training as well as assessment that require advanced knowledge of U.S. Navy Aegis Combat Systems Capabilities and Limitations to the officer level. 2. Reviews and analyzes U.S. Navy Aegis Combat System Engineering Capabilities and Limitations and U.S. Navy Operational and Tactical doctrine and integrates and conceptualizes the execution of Doctrine optimizing the application of ship's Combat Systems capabilities and limitation in the dynamic operational tactical environment. 3. Conducts dynamic assessment of the sailors abilities to comply with approved maintenance and operational procedures and thereafter provides formal appraisal of performance with recommendations for improvement and methods to maintain technical and tactical proficiency. 4. Observes and assesses contemporaries during Practice and Certification Teaches per requirements NAVEDTRA 135. 5. Prepares; reviews; and customizes curriculum lesson plans and instructor guide in support of traditional classroom teaching. 6. Supports Course Reviews and Curriculum Updates; conducts training gap analysis provides formal feedback and recommendation for Course improvement via NKO COP. 7. Documents the training conducted with specifics of the individual areas / watch station and is responsible for generation of a formal assessment of measure of success via written report. 8. Develops position descriptions; reviews resumes and conducts interviews of prospective employees. 9. Based on seniority; will be responsible for the preparations of subordinate employee annual performance appraisals for leadership. 10. Develops; tests; maintains; and delivers moderately complex Aegis training programs and related materials in support of ATRC training objectives. 11. Establishes and reviews course content and objectives. 12. Conducts training sessions and develops criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of training activities. 13. Maintains records of training activities; participant progress; and program effectiveness. 14. Maintains current knowledge of relevant technologies as assigned. Education 1. Five (5) years relevant experience with Surface Navy Aegis Weapons Systems as technician or operator with responsibility for teaching/training the system to other sailors and managing and leading junior sailors. 2. One (1) year relevant experience as an instructor of Aegis Weapons System in a Naval Training Environment; and responsible for guiding the development of other instructors/trainers. 3. Associates/Bachelors Degree in a related technical discipline desired (not required); or the equivalent combination of education; technical certifications or training; or work/military experience. Qualifications 5-8 years of directly related experience in the development and delivery of technical training programs. 1. Five (5) years of experience with the Aegis Combat System / AWS or process as either a maintenance technician manager or operator manager with responsibility for teaching the applicable system or function task to others in a master level training environment. 2. One (1) year of experience as an instructor in a Navy Training Environment; to include curriculum maintenance; writing learning objectives; preparing test items; evaluating instructional materials and the results of instruction and counseling students on academic learning problems. 3. One (1) year relevant experience interfacing with training systems/simulations for effective and correct presentation of learning objectives. Past experience as trainer/instructor in support of CSCS/ATRC/TACTRAGRU is a significant plus. Must be able to support training with extended periods on your feet while instructing. Travel may be up required to 10 % of time. Must be fit enough to embark ship for 5-10 days. Job ID 2018-48172
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
5 - 7 years

Don't Be Fooled

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